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    Cherry pick Furniture
    1000+ products to choose from international brands.
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    Cherry Pick Furniture
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    Cherry Pick Furniture
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    Cherry Pick Furniture
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    Cherry Pick Furniture
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    Cherry Pick Furniture


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  • M K GHOSH | Cherrypick Bangalore


    Excellent store with wide range of furniture's.Includes imported high quality sofas / Custom dining tables,leather stuffs & many more.

  • Sarath Mohan K S | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Sarath Mohan K S

    Good service.offered me better prices than Snapdeal

  • T R Mahesh | Cherrypick Bangalore

    T R Mahesh

    Cherry Pick One Stop Solution In terms of high Imported Furniture it provides you the best 3 features 1)Comfort 2)Feel 3)Support.

  •  Gurvinderjit Ghumman | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Gurvinderjit Ghumman

    Very nice collection one of the best in Bangalore if u want hand pick furniture from all over the world .

  • Srisudhir Tadepalli | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Srisudhir Tadepalli

    Very good collection and sales people who patiently show and explain everything, quite a bit costly though

  •  Shiju R Nair | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Shiju R Nair

    Amazing collections of designer furniture

  • Nisith Palo | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Nisith Palo

    Nyc shopping store for furniture.

  • Gallant Pratama | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Gallant Pratama

    Good place to work

  • Sagar Ranjan Prusti | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Sagar Ranjan Prusti

    Quality meets design, expensive

  • Aaron Mathew | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Aaron Mathew

    Great store. Has a lot of things in their collection.

  • Sunil G.R | Cherrypick Bangalore

    Sunil G.R

    Awesome Place.. Awesome Products... Awesome Hospitality.. Wow